5 Things I Wished I Knew When I Was 20

1. How to speak up and to stand up for myself

If you like something, say it, if you dont like something, show it. Don’t be submissive. Do not accept things as it is. Steve Jobs said, “never settle”. It is indeed a quotable stuff, but it means so much more than just not accepting things. It means do not accept things unless it’s perfect, while perfection is an utopist state. It is something you will never get. Hence you will keep on going and trying to work it and make it better.

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2. How to ask the right question to the right people

It’s not just about not afraid to ask question. But also to know when to ask question. Or what to ask to whom. Or when to not asking a question. But we need to ask more questions. When you ask more, you will learn more, so you will figure out which one is the best. Meet more people. Find the smarter bunch. Go learn from them.

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3. How important it is to have a huge dream and a lifetime purpose and to pursue that dream relentlessly

A sense of achievement is something beyond yourself. Or your family. Or people around you. Have a big purpose to change the world. Think wild. Think huge. Try to end the world hunger. Or bring peace on earth. Go explore another universe. It will keep you going and going. And the best part is, if you do it good enough and hard enough, you will meet people with the same purpose as you, and you can collaborate with them. You can’t end the world famine alone, but there must be someone else with the same mission as you. Go find them and work with them.

4. How to choose your friend wisely

Sometimes we stick to old friends from school or hometown just because it feels comfortable. But people change. Time change. You need to equipped yourself with people who fit to your lifetime purpose. Friends doesn’t mean someone you go out every weekend with. It can be someone whom you rarely meet, but you know you can contact him/her if there’s something you need and vice versa.

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5. Never be short sighted

Just because something doesn’t give you a reward upfront, doesn’t mean you don’t do it. If you can do something to help other, do that. Don’t ask for a direct benefit. It will somehow get back to you. Of course, when you do that, always remember your purpose. Is it something along the line? Don’t overwhelm yourself with distracting stuff that will not help achieving your big goal.