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Trend, phenomenon, event, issues.

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A collection of intuitive understanding we all need to be aware of.

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Non-neutral and highly subjective opinions, handpicked from a bunch of opinionated people.

All The Good Startup Ideas Are Taken

Startups are passion projects. You can solve whatever fucktard problems out there, but when in the process of searching out an idea for startup, it basically come to this formula: We all kn...

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Siapa Suruh Anda Miskin

Saya lahir hanya beberapa meter dari rumah kumuh bantaran kali dan pasar becek. Sedekat itu saya dengan kemiskinan. Teman SD saya tinggal di gubuk pinggir kali. Teman main rumah saya anak tukang pulun...

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On people, startups, communities, and how they think differently.

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