What is Networking, Actually?

Networking is not collecting as many business cards as possible. It is about making friends. Just like friendship, it is about how many good friends we have

I have two stories to tell in this post.

First story took time when I started my first company, CactusProject. I believed that I should know a lot of people and exchange as many business cards as possible. I regularly emailed my company service offer and portfolios. None of them responded.

Most of my clients came from my friends recommendation. Then along the way, the clients recommended me to another client. I realized then, it is how it actually works.

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It’s way beyond exchanging business cards (image:¬†besmartaboutart.com)

We will never be able to create a friendship if we don’t leave a strong impression. By impression, I mean creating a unique experience in a good conversation. People always forgot what we have said or done, but they won’t forget how we make them feel. If we talk like real friends, having a good time, building a trust, they will surely remember us.

Second story happened before I launched my second company, Kreavi. I was building the web platform and wanting to explore more opportunities and build network among other tech-entrepreneurs.

I was in college at that time and I spent some spare time to attend seminars and networking sessions for tech entrepreneurs. I introduced myself to some people and I found them forgot my name in the next meeting.

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I figured out that if we have no value for them, if they don’t feel like they need us now or in the future, they won’t really remember us. Later when I’ve launched my second company, Kreavi. People then remember me better, since I might have something for them.

It is another bad side of human being, and how it is in real business world. Meanwhile, I do not recommend anybody to do the same.

I had a bad experience with it and now I personally try my best to respect and listen to every person I meet. No matter who they are and how important they might be for me. Everybody should.

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