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You’re Never Too Busy to Do These in A Meeting

Sometimes in a very hectic day, I can have up to 5 meetings in a row. It is important to be able to keep the effectiveness of the meeting. However, most of the time, efficiency also matters.

You’re busy? Fine. But nobody’s never too busy to do these important things in a meeting. Here are what I always do:

Explicitly set an agenda

When the meeting starts, we usually introduce ourselves and thank everybody for coming. After that, I always explicitly state the objective of the meeting. Everybody needs to know what kind of information we will get, what opportunity that will be offered, and what decisions to make. It keeps the meeting on track and efficient.

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Provide some space for casual chats

Meeting doesn’t have to be boring and rigid. I always love to put some humor and friendly talks in a meeting. Knowing them and being personally close to our partners will be a big advantage for any future situation.

It doesn’t matter whether it is a good, bad, or no deal at all. It is always nice to make friends and leave a nice impression.

Note the meeting result

If we have a lot of meetings in a row, there is a huge chance that we miss something important. I always take notes and send it to all the meeting participants. It will be useful to be a reminder and also to set a same perspective and conclusion of the meeting.

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Next action plan

Always end the meeting with the next action plan. Make sure that everybody knows what to do next. I usually repeat the conclusion explicitly to remind myself and others in the meeting.

Usually, I will lightly think and plan the next meeting on my way driving to there. So I can meet them prepared.

So, ready for your effective and efficient meeting?

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