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Are Entrepreneurs Born or Made?

 I took a conclusion that there are 10 basic signs that a person is suitable to be an entrepreneur.

It has been a debate whether an entrepreneur is born or made. I personally think that some people are gifted with some set of skills to be an entrepreneur. However, skills are obtainable. I have read some articles about the character of successful entrepreneurs, and I took a conclusion that there are 10 basic signs that a person is suitable to be an entrepreneur.

Enthusiasm to build

Some people are happy to spend their time working on crafting projects, playing Lego, building sand castles, decorating their room, and more. Entrepreneurs somehow have those same interest. They build and grow a company. It takes time and effort, but these people are just love doing it.


People with confidence have a strong believe in themselves. Starting a company require a confident to do something they have never done before. The confident affects others and it is powerful enough to create an impact and make ideas happen.

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Having such a great confidence, entrepreneurs love to compete and win. Some people are ambitious enough to prove themselves and claim to the top.


When some people are being too result-oriented, some other tend to be curious about the process. Some business ideas come out in a form of question. Why is there no product to help me do this? Why do they need to do it that way? Is there any better way? When people asked a lot of questions and found the answer, they might be able to solve other people’s problem.


Some people just don’t wanna wait for a chance or improvement. They just want to do it themselves. This is a good start of an entrepreneurship.

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Some people are willing to do a lot of things to achieve what they want. It takes determination, tenacity, and endurance to be an entrepreneur. It is what makes an entrepreneur stay strong and persistently break all barriers ahead.


People with high adaptability and flexibility can do many things in life. It is good to be able to blend in a new environment, making new friends, learning and stepping to another state of life. In business, things change a lot from time to time. Entrepreneurs must be able to adapt and understand any situation to solve problem and create opportunities.

No fear

There are tons of new things in life, and they come with risks in the package. Everyday we make a lot decisions. Some are big, some are small. Entrepreneurs are known as risk takers. They need to be willing to chance an opportunity for another leap.

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Often, entrepreneurs need to take responsibility and make decisions by themselves. There are times when the bitter hits and there is nobody around, or even worst when there are a lot of people depend on the leader. An entrepreneur has to have an autonomy and be able to motivate and stay strong on their feet.


Without initiatives, we are just a product of education, family, and social culture. There are few people who are brave enough to break some norms, swim against the stream, and make a change. There are many ways to see things, entrepreneurs are those who are able to have a different perspective of many opportunity and situation.

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