Social Media Generation is “Garbage” Collector Generation

In this time of age, everything’s becoming digital, even our social life. Every time you do something, you tend to update your status first. Before you eat, you take a picture of your food first. You go somewhere, you check-in first. Every move you make have now become a digitized content.

Now, this does not necessarily mean a bad thing. It means that now, information about someone or something are transferred into one individual to another at a faster rate. But, this could become a problem if the social media have become a “trashy” place.

No, we’re not talking about the social media itself. We’re talking about the people, our people that seems to be “trashing” in social media.

I recently look at my account. As I look at the feed I see, let’s say, person A complained about the performance of our government. Even in the last few days my feed is filled with critics and mocking toward the government just because Rupiah go weakened. Some also mockingly said the government wasted billions just to make a website.

A lot of people out there claimed to be smart with a big brain, born from an educated family, and have high intellectual capacity. But unfortunately how they act toward Indonesian polemic is like trash. Did they forget in which country they live?

If you really think you can solve this country’s problems nicely why not just show off and give concrete result? For example, you think government website is really bad as hell, even looking at it is making you wanna puke. Then maybe you can try to create a better alternative instead of giving spite to other people’s hard work.

Or another example, the urban planning of the city you’re living in is so wrecked. If you are an urban planning study student, maybe try less creating drama on feeds and maybe try to show them how good urban planning is. One that is more functional, effective, and efficient in annually spending its people money on maintaining the roads and parks.

Yea I know our government’s work aren’t exactly what we expected and sometimes we, as the people, didn’t experience their works directly, but does protesting and creating drama on social media solve the problem? Try to make a real effort and change, not just sitting there with a smartphone on your hands spreading negativity.

The article has been translated & edited by Andi M. Al Fayed. This original article was here.