Our Approach To Innovation is Dead Wrong

“The longer you work on your plan in a vacuum, the more likely you are to fail”- Diana Kander

Diana Kander–the author of New York Times bestseller “All In Startup”–learned the hard way that her training for self defense wasn’t going to help her in a real situation. The unrealistic scenarios that provided safe training environment didn’t work in real life.

On her TEDx talk, she argues that the same thing happens when it comes to teaching innovation to people. The problem is with how we’re teaching them.

In a problem-solving experiment that involves kindergarteners and MBA students, we can see the difference. Kindergarteners play to figure the problem out. They make several structures before they find one that works best.  MBA students tend to spend longer time planning than actually solving.

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To fail often seems to be more important than excellent planning. So how is the best approach according to Kander?

In this video, Kander delivered her main key point that “the longer you work on your plan in a vacuum, the more likely you are to fail”. Watch Diana Kander’s excellent insights on why our approach to innovation is dead wrong and what matters most from innovation:


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