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All The Good Startup Ideas Are Taken

Startups are passion projects.

You can solve whatever fucktard problems out there, but when in the process of searching out an idea for startup, it basically come to this formula:

We all know that one dude who are so damn confident about their weird startup ideas. They just know, that they WILL make it. Ahhhh off course dude, off course. People just don’t want to be rude to you, to say out loud that your ideas are really as broken as teenager girl’s heart after breaking up with their monkey’s boyfriend love of their life.


That’s why I think so many startups are falling down like fruit flies. It’s so hard to break down your passion into something that people really need. Not just you. On other hand, we can bravely say that not many people WANT to solve the most urgent’s world problem, for various illogical human reasons.

It’s not just about solving real problems or fulfilling your passion — it should have to be both. Yeah, yeah. It’s easier said than done — to find this sweet sweet spot. But that’s the challenge.

EVEN if, personally you may often think (or experience) about finding startup idea are like this (off course, confidently):

Another brilliant app idea! Ohh you are so unique snowflakes ❤


Or… In different side of spectrum, you often can be this guy too:

The philosopher of silicon valley.


You can be like the first guy who is super confident and will destined to fail after 2 years or you can be like the second guy, who think:

Are all the good startup ideas have been really… Taken?

The answer? Yeah, probably.



“There is no place again for another Zuckerberg. I’m too late to join the party. Fuck.”

But hey hey, calm down, the next Zuckerbergs.

Here’s the thing:

All the good ideas seems to be already “taken” because they have been executed and proven by another Zuckerberg.



Get it?

So, you could say that having a human colony in Mars, or having a smooth sexy electric cars ARE good ideas — but that’s because there is already Elon Musk who’s executing it.

Without Elon Musk, those ideas are crap shit of dumb deep shit of sheep.

So, get it?



So let’s take a look at this glorious pie chart again:



You see that sweet spot?

Let’s say we have 1.000.000 (one million) of them — the good ideas in the sweet spot. So, the actual “good” ideas are there, and there are plenty of them (one million), but not many people can see it and want to execute it.

So, they are the same as “bad ideas” to everyone. The ideas of Facebook and SpaceX are bad ideas. BUT, once they got executed, and executed perfectly, either by people like Zuckerberg or Musk — they, the ideas, are instantly become sexy.

That’s how ideas become “good”.


1000 Executions To Rome

So, all the “good ideas” are not taken. Not at all. They aren’t just executed yet.

Facebook was not the first on its profile based networking site ideas, Whatsapp too on messaging app idea and Google definitely not the first on search engine business ideas.

The difference is: they are just good at executing their ideas.

Pushing The Boundary

For me personally, I may run in education business right now — but I’m always dreaming, someday to go venturing in hardware industry. Pushing the boundaries.

We may still stuck with Newton’s principles, if we never ever tried to make instruments to make us see planets further away. We may never see America continent, if we never tried to make Caravel ship. We may never know that small living things existed all over our body, if we never tried to make microscope.

Therefore, we still need to push the boundaries.

What’s behind the curtain? Maybe one of the best reason you shouldn’t do a suicide (for you suicidal people) yet, because the future is too damn exciting to be missed on.


Pushing the boundaries could also mean something, something bigger:

Unlocking the possibilities of “good” ideas.

It may not only one million good actual idea exists in sweet spot. But it could be billions and billions and billions — after the sweet spot is getting bigger because of technological advancement. The endless possibility are too exciting to be dreamed about — or waiting to be participated in.


After all… It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting, right?

So, yeah, see you next time.


This article was written by Ketut Yoga Yudistira (Founder, Kok Bisa?) and originally published in his Medium.