3 Tips From Marshall Utoyo About Choosing A Co-Founder

“Those who like to job-hop because of higher salary are not worthy to be our partner,” Marshall Utoyo.

Those who don’t know, Marshall Utoyo, speaker of The Backstage last Friday (11/09), he has more than one company. Other than, Marshall also founded one of the most popular co-working space in Jakarta, Conclave, and FASA, a design house for furniture. Crazy, what did he eat?

However, Marshall himself claimed that his focus is currently at while he’s just a commissioner at the other company.

“It’s not that it’s impossible to run more than one startup. But like having a baby. If we have three babies, but no wife, no nanny, not even a house or an office, you can’t sleep every day, can you?” says Marshall.

The point is, Marshall suggests us who wants to create a startup to focus, especially when we don’t have a co-founder yet and have to take care of everything all alone

So, how do we get a co-founder, especially finding a suitable co-founder? This is what Marshall said:

It’s not about money

“Those who can be trusted are not those you can buy with money, but those who are able and willing to work with you without asking anything.”

Yes, Marshall who already has a lot of experience told us, that a good co-founder is the one whose goal is not money. So when you’re offering a co-founder position and they think of money, don’t.

“Those who like to job-hop because of higher salary are not worthy to be our partner,” says Marshall.

If it’s not about money, then it’s about what?

It’s about vision

“Better not having a co-founder rather than having a co-founder with different vision, mission, and goals. It’s going to be rough.”

Yes, vision is the most important when finding a co-founder. If their vision is different, it’s difficult to get through the ups and downs together. Marshall has been growing his company well so far because he chose co-founders with the same vision, so when his company goes through the hardships, his co-founder is always there. His co-founders are his heroes.

It’s about focus and determination

Finding a co-founder for business is like finding a life partner, you can’t take it easy.”

Someone said that finding a co-founder is harder than finding a life partner (and finding your love is already hard). That’s why you can’t take it easy. This person seems skilled, or maybe this person has already been friends long ago and immediately offered a co-founder position. There should be a focus and determination within us to find a good co-founder, and the co-founder we chose should have focus and determined to run this startup together.

The article has been translated & edited by Azwar Azhar. This original article was here.